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Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Work In Progress


Writing can be a slow process, but it is rewarding to see the story unfolding, and to experience some 'aha' moments now and then. Writing historical fiction requires a lot of research. Although not all the details can or should be included in the book, it is necessary for the author to become familiar with the details so that the story will flow and the characters will come alive. I have watched a number of documentaries, read countless memoirs and other first-person accounts of the events, and looked at hundreds of photos. The photos of the children have etched themselves in my mind. I feel with them, cry with them, laugh with them as we walk together through their story. This coming week, I will interview a man who lived in London during the war, and look forward to his story. One can read about certain events, but hearing them first-hand brings it all to life. I am enjoying the experience of researching and writing my first novel, and it is my hope that the readers will also enjoy it. It is a labour of love on behalf of the 'kids' and their descendants.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Work In Progress


Let me introduce you to my work in progress. I am writing a historical fictionalized account based on the Kindertransport. The Kindertransport was a program arranged by a group of individuals in Britian. The purpose was to rescue children, mainly Jewish, from almost certain death at the hands of the Nazis. The transports took place in 1938-39, and had to stop when war was declared. In all, approximately 10,000 children were rescued from Germany, Austria, Poland and Czechoslovakia, all of whom survived the atrocities of war. They came to be know as "The 10,000 That Hitler Missed."

The book focuses on the story of an 8 year old Jewish girl from Berlin, who is taken to live with a family in London. Many emotions surface as life goes on against the background of war and separation. What will happen to family left behind? How will she be treated by her foster family? And will she again face evacuation and be sent away from her new 'family'? What will happen in the post-war years? Is there hope in the midst of heartbreak? Stay tuned as this dramatic story unfolds.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sisterchicks Down Under


Robin Jones Gunn has written a delightful story of two women who meet in New Zealand. Kathy, whose husband, Tony, is on assignment with a film studio, meets Jill, a widow. Little did they expect to become close friends in a short time. As the story unfolds, the two sisterchicks have adventures in both New Zealand and Australia. The story is both heartwarming and side-splitting. One moment Robin has us laughing, and the next, we are reaching for the nearest tissue! Join the sisterchicks as they discover the power of God's love and the blessing of friendship.

Robin has written a series of sisterchick books. Don't miss a single one! And do check out her website, fan page, Facebook page and on-line store. You will be glad you did!