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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Work In Progress


Writing can be a slow process, but it is rewarding to see the story unfolding, and to experience some 'aha' moments now and then. Writing historical fiction requires a lot of research. Although not all the details can or should be included in the book, it is necessary for the author to become familiar with the details so that the story will flow and the characters will come alive. I have watched a number of documentaries, read countless memoirs and other first-person accounts of the events, and looked at hundreds of photos. The photos of the children have etched themselves in my mind. I feel with them, cry with them, laugh with them as we walk together through their story. This coming week, I will interview a man who lived in London during the war, and look forward to his story. One can read about certain events, but hearing them first-hand brings it all to life. I am enjoying the experience of researching and writing my first novel, and it is my hope that the readers will also enjoy it. It is a labour of love on behalf of the 'kids' and their descendants.

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