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Friday, October 16, 2009


Ron Hall and Denver Moore have written a follow-up to their New York Times best-seller, Same Kind Of Different As Me. 
The back cover copy reads in part:
     "What Difference Do It Make? continues the hard-to-believe story of hope and reconciliation...Ron Hall and Denver Moore, unlikely friends and even unliklier coauthors-a wealthy fine-art dealer and an illiterate homeless African American-share the hard-to-stop story of how a remarkable woman's love brought them together."

This book, written along with Lynn Vincent, offers more of the story.  Many people's lives have been impacted and changed as a result of reading the first book, and a number of anedotes are shared in the second book.  The challenge for each of us is that WE can make a difference in our world.

"What Difference Do It Make? beautifully showcases God's ability to work through even the most awkward and painful circumstances to bring forth amazing and redemptive changes.  Deeply moving but never sappy or sentimental, it answers its own question with a simple and emphatic answer.  What difference can one person (or two) make in the world?  A lot!"

I was deeply moved by this book.  We are part of a church-planting team, working in an area densely populated with refugees and new immigrants, and our inner city is filled with homeless people.  After reading this book, I have a new perspective and a renewed compassion to show them the love of Jesus in practical ways.  I have discovered through the words of Denver Moore the difference between helping and being a blessing.  This is a book that I am recommending for our ministry staff to read and take to heart.  I look forward to hearing more from Ron and Denver as they continue to make a difference in the name of Jesus.

Published by Thomas Nelson, this book is available through http://www.christianbooks.com/ and http://www.amazon.com/  and at book retailers everywhere.

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