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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Reluctant Queen by Joan Wolf - Book Review

A Reluctant Queen is a love story, based on the biblical story of Esther, a young Jewish woman who was influential in the delivery of her people from annhilation. We are told that this is a work of fiction, the focus being on the relationship of Esther and the Great King, and therefore, one could expect that the author will not follow the biblical account to the letter.

I enjoyed the characterization, the beautiful setting, the relationships - love, intrigue, trust, honor all woven together.  Esther is thrown into a very difficult situation, and questions if she is really the right choice. Was her uncle's dream really God's message for her? The dilemma which she faces has her seeking God and His will for her life. She seems an unlikely candidate, but this shows that God can and will use anyone for His purposes when they makes themselves available.

The relationship between Esther and the king makes her question if he really loves her, when he has other women in his life, and has fathered children. Will he leave her once she has borne him a legitimate heir? But in spite of everything, her love for him continues to grow.

This book is an interesting 'take' on the story of Esther. Being a lover of all things historical, I read this book with interest. Well done, Joan Wolf!

For further information on the author, please visit http://www.joanwolf.com/.

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A Reluctant Queen is published by Thomas Nelson. I received a copy for review purposes from Litfuse Publicity.

Available through http://www.amazon.com/ and other retailers

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