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Monday, September 19, 2011

Review of THEO, a new DVD-based curriculum for children.

THEO, a presentation of Whitestone Media, is a brand-new DVD-based curriculum. It is designed to present biblical truth to children in a fun and interesting way. THEO is a loving older British gent, who cummunicates truth via his relationship with two mice, Luther and Belfry. The cartoons are upbeat  and colorful, and the mice are delightful.

Topics include: Saving Faith, Loving Obedience, Forgiveness, and Good News.
Scriptures taught include the story of Abraham's faith, Jonah's disobedience, and the unforgiving servant.

To learn more about the curriculum and its creators, go to http://www.theopresents.com/.

I showed the introductory DAD to our grandchild, ages 6 and 8. They loved it, and couldn't take their eyes off it. They were asked if they thought it would be good for children who know God as well as for those who don't, and they felt they would. One asked where they could see more, when were they coming out. They listened very attentively to the story, and found the cartoons with the mice funny.

What a great idea!

THEO curriculum is available through the website. The first is available now, with others to follow.

I received a review copy from

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