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Sunday, February 13, 2011

AN UNLIKELY BLESSING by Judy Baer - Book Tour and review

About the book: An Unlikely Blessing is a heartfelt story about a new pastor and life-long city dweller Alex Armstrong, who reluctantly accepts his first assignment, a two-point parish in the wilds of North Dakota. Hilltop Township, a farming community, blooms from the prairie like a wild pink rose—lovely and prickly all at once, much like the people who live there.

Alex quickly finds that this lovely place is in quiet peril. Farmers are struggling to make ends meet: Jonas Owens, a faithful member of Hilltop parish, is on the brink of losing the farm. Alex believes that part of why God called him to Hilltop was to help turn things around, and steps in with ideas for saving the Owens' land. But can even God's minister help save this rural community?

There are a lot of firsts for the new pastor—the annual Hunter's Breakfast, julebukking (also called Christmas fooling), King Oscar's fish balls, and the melody of the musical saw. And the new, single pastor creates remarkable excitement among the unmarried women in the community. If you could die of hot dish overdose, Alex would be a dead man. Whether performing weddings, counseling his flock, or herding cattle by snowmobile, Alex soon discovers that his new church home has as much to teach him as he will teach them. Day by day, he falls more in love with the people of Hilltop Church. People may leave Hilltop, but Hilltop never leaves them.

Book is available through Amazon.com

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Win a KINDLE with Wi-Fi from Judy Baer during the An Unlikely Blessings Giveaway. If you loved Karon’s Mitford series, you’ll love Judy’s Forever Hilltop series! Find out more and enter to win the KINDLE at the link below! http://litfusegroup.com/Blog-Tours/an-unlikely-blessing-by-judy-baer.html

My review: This is the first in Judy Baer's new series, Forever Hilltop. Alex Armstrong is a middle-aged professor who becomes a minister, and he discovers that his first chargwe is not in the city, but in a tw-point country parish. And it is definitely out of his "comfort zone". There are more twists and turns in Alex's life that in the winding country roads ina nd around Hilltop. He has both amusing encounters and serious problems to solve. He soon discovers that there is more to life in Hilltop that what is being served at the next pot-luck! Through it all, Alex discovers that God is at work in his new circumstances. When his faith is tested, he learns from his parishioners much about God's mysterious ways. This series should prove to be very interesting indeed!

Thanks to litfusegroup.com and Guideposts for providing a copy of the book for review purposes.

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