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Monday, May 31, 2010


Aren't Morning Glories beautiful?  I find them awe-inspiring.  I've just come from the garden, where to my delight, I discovered several open blossoms.  A few years ago, I wrote a poem to express what was on my heart.

Morning Glory
Morning Glories,
Fresh and new each morning,
Growing, climbing, spreading their beauty.
Jewel-toned hues of blue and purple
Gracefully wind their way up the trellis.
I stand in amazement at this wondrous display of beauty.

Morning Glory, precious One,
Your love is unfailing, fresh and new each day.
I stand in awe and worship You,
And find my heart has no words.

Morning Glory of my soul,
Entwine Yourself upon the trellis of my heart,
Until my life becomes a reflection of Your amazing grace,
Radiant with the beauty of my Lord.

© Lynn McCallum 2005



  1. I like the Morning Glory because it's big and delicate and blue. It seems like an impossible flower.

  2. They are so stunning (and they love to grow and take over!)

    Thank you in advance for reading and reviewing Life in Defiance for the blog tour this week. I really appreciate it! I'm going to be out of town for a few days, so I thought I would say thank you early!

    With joy and thanks,
    Mary DeMuth